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Mastering New Mind Sets

Welcome to "Master New Mind Sets", helping to create and achieve realistic goals, for individuals and for business. The five suggested mindsets fall under the following headings: respect, the greatest good, solving problems, creativity, and purpose. The mindsets are not intended to be comprehensive, however, they can be used as powerful instruments for change and improvement.

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New and different mindsets are needed in order to create and establish streamlined actions, and new concepts are introduced that will work together with existing mindsets. New Mindsets consist of the following new ideas, concepts, and methods (mindsets):

  1. Respect, the Library principle
  2. The greatest good, the Universal principle
  3. Solving problems, the Creative principle
  4. Creativity, the Hypothetical principle
  5. Purpose, the Action principle

A Master Mind is someone who has achieved mastery over her/his mind. A New Mind Set is one of several possible better mindsets. That is, every idea within, and all things outside the mind, are in their place, unruffled and calm. If this is not you, and you have unwanted or unfulfilled ideas, then this site is for you. The site is for idea fulfilment and dealing with - and the creation of - ideas.

So, a Master Mind is someone happy in their achievements, confident in their current mind set, and who understands the principles of creativity. The person is very clear in having practical objectives, and can manipulate applicable concepts in order to make required events occur in the real world.

He or she can switch in and out of different mind sets at will. Some of these mind sets are outlined briefly on this site.

Unblocking Pathways to the Greatest Good means that through developing new mindsets, achievements will also help the greater and greatest good of the business environment.

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The site is also an introduction to the book: "Master New Mind Sets" by Dennis Perrin.

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